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The Former Residence of Lu Xun


The famous writer, Lu Xun, was born in a small city south of Shanghai called Shaoxing in 1881. This man with humble origins, came to be recognized as one of the greatest twentieth century Chinese writers. The main focus of Lu Xun's work was to describe the lives of the poorer people in Chinese society in a plain style of prose. It was here that the great writer produced many of his most famous literary works and translations including his Madman's Diary, based on the work of Gogol, and organized activities relating to the "Chinese Liberal Campaign Alliance" and the "Left Wing Culture League".

Lu Xun moved to Shanghai in 1927, where he stayed until his death in 1936. Lu Xun's former residence is located in the former Japanese concession, north of Suzhou Creek. This house provides another insight into life in old Shanghai, and an altogether different one from the houses of Zhou Enlai and Sun Yatsen, as Lu Xun's residence is typically Japanese in style. The building is a 3-storied villa with red bricks and red tiles. The rooms contain various displays of the everyday items the writer used.

There is also a monument, Memorial Hall and Tomb dedicated to Lu Xun in the nearby, Hongkou Park (also known as Lu Xun Park), which is a great place to watch Shanghai residents practicing Tai Chi.

Address:No.9 Lane 132, Shanyin Road.
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